[PyKDE] PyQt4 Examples from EuroPython 2006

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Wed Aug 2 00:42:39 BST 2006

It's almost a month since Torsten Marek and I gave a talk at EuroPython 2006
about PyQt4, and I've only just finished packing up the examples we used in
an archive ready for distribution. I hope they all work properly after some
of the last minute changes I made.

The abstract and a PDF containing the slides used in the talk are available
from the conference Web site:


There's a link from there to an entry at the Python Package Index where the
package containing the examples is being hosted. The following URL for this
will hopefully remain usable for the forseeable future:


Thanks to Torsten for writing some complex model/view examples at short
notice and agreeing to release them under the GPL. To use them, you'll need
to install the Python bindings to SQLite 3 (confusingly released as the
pysqlite2 module) and the ElementTree XML handling library. With the
exception of the OpenGL examples, which require PyOpenGL to be installed,
most other examples require nothing more than a working PyQt4 installation.

We're interested in feedback and corrections to the examples, but it's
probably better to send patches to me if you want changes to be incorporated
into new releases of the package.

Have fun,

David Boddie

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