[PyKDE] Newbie question on QWidget.focusOutEvent

Volker Lenhardt volker.lenhardt at uni-due.de
Mon Sep 26 07:04:48 BST 2005

Hi Pete,

I thought I'd got the knack of it. But I haven't succeeded yet.
This is the relevant part of my script:

class DlgTourn(QDialog):
     def __init__(self, tourn):
	QDialog.__init__(self, None, None, True, 1)
	self.inputLayout=QGridLayout(self.layout, 1, 1, 5)

	for i in (4, 5):
	    for j in (1, 3):
		cmb=Combo(s, True, self)
		for p in self.playerList:
		    cmb.insertItem(p, -1)
		self.inputLayout.addWidget(cmb, i, j)

class Combo(QComboBox):
     def __init__(self, p, *args):
	QComboBox.__init__(self, *args)

     def eventFilter(self, o, e):
	if e and o:
	    if e.type()==QEvent.FocusOut:
		if o==self:
#		if o==self.lineEdit():
		    QMessageBox.information(self, "Info", str(self.p))
#		    return True
	return False

If I have o==self, no message box appears, but I have to double click 
(on my PDA!) to make my choice of item.

If I have o==self.lineEdit() I get 2(!) message boxes when I leave the 
lineEdit, and on clicking it away the program crashes with segmentation 

No difference whether return True or False within the if-condition.

Any hint?


Volker Lenhardt
Am Spinnweg 19, 45894 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: 0209/30213
E-Mail: volker.lenhardt at uni-duisburg-essen.de

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