[PyKDE] eric3 crash upon deleting selected line

Mike Tammerman mtammerman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 21:23:07 BST 2005


Although, I tested with the GPL'ed version of Qt, I think the problem
is not related with neither Qt nor Eric. When I try to run eric from
console, I get the following assertion;

Assertion [line < pdoc->LinesTotal()] failed at ..\src\Editor.cpp

Therefore, it seems to be a scintilla bug. Here's the my scenario of
this behaviour with eric3.8-snapshot20050724.

* open eric3
* open preferences dialog and from the project section, check the options
      - Load session upon opening
      - Save session upon closing
* create a project
* add some files to the project
* save the project
* close eric leaving some files open in the tabs
* reopen eric3
* open the saved project (the files will be opened momentarily)
* do nothing but go to the last line of the opened file in the tabs
* select a whole line
* press the delete key, it crashes

On the other way, this crash is very strange. For example;

After the project is loaded and session restored, I jumped to another
file in the tabs. I chose a comment line standing at the very
beginings of the file and it didn't crash.

In any way, I couldn't make eric3 crash on Linux. It works perfectly :)


P.S.: Detlev, sorry for direct mail.

On 9/21/05, Detlev Offenbach <detlev at die-offenbachs.de> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 20. September 2005 15:16 schrieb Burkhard Doliwa:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have made the experience that eric3 tends to crash when I try to
> > delete a selected line in the text editor using the delete-key.
> >
> > Furthermore, the problem of having a permanent foreground eric3 window
> > (see my email from 13.9.2005) only arises after having used the debugger
> > once. Before that, the eric3 windows behaves completely normal.
> >
> > [This is for a Windows 2000 box, eric3-snapshot 20050410
> > python 2.4.1, PyQt(>>> qt.qVersion()=='3.3.4'),...]
> >
> > Under linux: no strange behavior, no crashes.
> >
> > Have these bugs (despite the problems related to free Win-Qt) been
> > removed in the youngest version of eric3?
> >
> >
> These problems are all related to the usage of Qt free on Windows. Therefore I
> cannot do anything about them in eric3, which means "No, the have not been
> removed". Please ask the project producing Qt-Free for Win to fix their
> stuff. Using the commercial version of Qt eric3 behaves exactly the same way
> under Linux and Win32.
> Detlev
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