[PyKDE] PyKDE update

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Sep 23 04:28:57 BST 2005

PyKDE development hasn't moved too quickly the last few months. I finally have 
firewood put up for the winter, my daughter off to college, and some other 
things out of the way, so I expect to get back on it soon. 

The forthcoming SuSE 10 release will be gcc 4.0.2 based - I have my order in 
and expect to have it in about 2 weeks, so that will allow me to finally 
clean up the gcc related bugs. In addition, KDE 3.5beta1 is out, and by the 
time I get past the gcc stuff and some other patches, KDE 3.5 should be well 
enough along to package support for that in the next release.

Phil's post regarding sipconfig.py today may mean that PyKDE won't build with 
the newest sip releases, because configure.py for PyKDE probably looks for Qt 
info in sipconfig.py, and it's no longer there. Not a difficult fix, and I 
can get that out earlier if necessary - otherwise that will be in the next 
release too.

Any feature requests, bug reports, etc would be appreciated. I don't plan to 
add anything new to PyKDE for KDE 3.x versions unless there's a compelling 
reason, but will entertain changes for KDE 4 if anyone knows what's going on 
there (haven't looked at it myself).

Otherwise, your best bet is still the most recent snapshot or the kde-bindings 
packages that Simon Edwards produces on the KDE CVS (for compiling from 
source, anyway).


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