[PyKDE] memleak with QMovie

Russell Valentine russ at coldstonelabs.org
Sun Sep 18 09:04:10 BST 2005

I've been seeing a mem leak in my PyKDE application for several months.
I figured it was because I upgraded KDE to 3.4 or something because I
saw it around that time. I finally made my self try to figure out where
the leak was coming from and narrowed it down to QMovie.

Attached is a minimal program where I see the leak happening it doesn't
require PyKDE only PyQT. Slowly the memory usage of the application goes
up, when I comment the QMovie line there is no memory leak. I hadn't
tried a C++ version of it so I don't know where the heart of the problem
lies. I am running Gentoo with the latest sip, and pyqt snapshots (qt
3.3.4). I don't think it is my setup because it does the same on my
Debian box and it has been doing it for a while which include previous
versions of sip and pyqt.

Thanks for any help resolving this issue.

Russell Valentine
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