[PyKDE] QPointArray

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Sep 14 18:04:58 BST 2005


the documentation of QPointArray methods (eg. constructor) says:

QPointArray(int nPoints, const QCOORD *points);

This takes a single parameter which is a list of points.


This is a little confusing because it does not say how these "points" are
represented. I tried with QPoint, and it was wrong. I tried with
QCOORD(3,4), and then realized that QCOORD is just a typedef for "long" (and
does not exist in PyQt). Then I tried a list like [(0,4), (0,8)] and it
didn't work. Eventually, I tried a plain list of longs, and that worked. Of
course, now it seems like the obvious way to me (eg. the most similar to
what C++ does), but the documentation misguided me.

Maybe it could use some clarification.

Giovanni Bajo

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