[PyKDE] Re: widget like KMail's message list

Matej Cepl ceplm at seznam.cz
Sun Sep 4 22:10:03 BST 2005

Eron Lloyd wrote:
>>I need one just like that for a game to show a list of players, their
>>rank and status. It looks like QListBox doesn't have the multicolumn
>>functionality that I am looking for. It allows for multiple columns but
>>only for displaying items in many columns with a fixed number of rows
>>instead of a single column with a varying number of rows.
> Check out QListView and friends. It's a breeze to work with. Note that
> the API will change for Qt4, though.

I have a problem just other way around -- I am pretty happy with QListBox,
except that I would love to use kListViewSearchLine (the list in QListBox
is getting too long :-)). So I would love to persuade QListView (or rather
KListView) to look and as much as possible to behave like QListBox (see
attached; single column without header of the column). Is it possible?



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