[PyKDE] ANN: KPart plugins for Konqueror

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon May 23 01:39:57 BST 2005

Recent questions on this mailing list about writing plugins for Konqueror
have encouraged me to package up what I have written and release it for
general use. Follow the last link in the Download section of the following
page to obtain the package:


Fortunately, I appear to have made most of the preparations for this release
when I released a similar package for writing kioslaves in Python (also
available from the above page).

Neither of these packages have been extensively tested on many Linux
distributions. I did receive some advice about KDE installations, though I'm
not entirely sure that I implemented many improvements as a result. Certain
distributions seem to put subdirectories from the Qt and KDE packages in
various different places, and this can make configuration tools "fun" to
implement. :-(

Suggestions for improvements are most welcome. I expect that I'll get
feedback about the configuration script in any case. :-/

Good luck!


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