[PyKDE] Konqueror plugins in Python

Giacomo Lacava g.lacava at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:29:38 BST 2005

Hi everyone.

For a number of reasons, I recently switched to konqueror as my main
browser, but I still miss some custom features that I previously
implemented in Firefox (in Javascript); I need a Konqueror plugin.
However, I don't really know C++, so these Python bindings looked as
the right tool for the job.

I put together a couple of basic classes that "mimic" the C++ examples
found on developer.kde.org (subclass KParts.Plugin, make a factory
class, write XML files to hook into the GUI, etc), but now I'm stuck.
I've googled extensively and searched through the mailing list
archives and the wiki, but I can't find a definitive answer to this

 how is konqueror going to "pick up" my python code? 

I suppose I can't just point to my .py file as it was a standard C
library, because as far as I know Python support is not built into KDE
itself (I run debian/sid, so I downloaded the pykde packages via
apt-get). I found an old note on PyKDE being able to support .desktop
applications via some kind of wrapper, but it was generic and it was
from 2003; would this same wrapper be involved in a plugin call as
well? And how?

I'm sorry if this question looks silly, but I can assure you that it's
not clearly stated anywhere. The answer to this mail could as well go
straight to the wiki to help other novices like me :)

Thanks for your patience.
Giacomo Lacava

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