[PyKDE] Posted examples?

Niac Neb niacneb at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 00:16:14 BST 2005


Where might I find complete examples?  Is there a WIKI
or site where developers have posted their examples?

As a newbie, even the simplest of examples would be
helpful to me.  Especially those that are complete ...
rather than code snippets.

An example of calling Python from C++ as suggested by
James (below) would be like gold.



Here's the most maintainable way of calling Python
from C++.  This method keeps your C++ out of your
Python and your Python out of your C++.  As a bonus
feature, if the Python implementation gets too slow,
you can rewrite in C++ without needing to touch any
client code.

// iface.h
struct IFoo {
  virtual float wonk(float, float) = 0;

// iface.sip
%Module foo
class IFoo {
#include "iface.h"

  virtual float wonk(float, float) = 0;

// impl.py
from foo import IFoo

class FooImpl( IFoo ):
    def wonk( self, n1, n2 ):
        return n1 * n2

The only thing left to do in instantiate FooImpl and
hand it back to some C++ function.

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