[PyKDE] SIP vs Boost.Python?

Niac Neb niacneb at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 15:14:46 BST 2005

Here's my 2 cents ...

Embedding Python - C++ code that calls "embedded"
Python code.  Embedding is inserting calls into your
C/C++ application after it has started up in order to
initialize the Python interpreter and call back to
Python code at specific times. In order for Python to
do useful things in your application, you will
probably also need to create a Python Module object
and somehow insert it into the Python run-time.

Extending Python - Python code that calls "extending"
C++ code.  Extending is writing a shared library that
the Python interpreter can load as part of an import
statement. A strictly extended application means that
you no longer has a C++ main() function, but rather a
set of library functions that Python code can call.

I have a need for both.  I have an existing C++
application (that will control the main loop).  But, I
want to integrate Python plotting utilities.  These
plotting utilites will retreive the plot data through
a C++ library interface.  But, the C++ application
will spawn these Python plotting utilities as needed.

Attached is a picture showing the complete loop ...
Python to C++ ... C++ to Python.

Phil Thompson wrote:
> >
> > Will SIP be enhanced to support embedded Python?
> What do you mean by this?
> Phil

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