[PyKDE] QextScintillaLexerPov python lexer

fabienhenon at free.fr fabienhenon at free.fr
Mon May 2 20:26:22 BST 2005


To make it short : Is there going to be a QextScintillaLexerPov.sip available
soon ?

I am currently rewriting from scratch an editor for the POV-RAY raytracer.

The first version I wrote was done with Python, Tkinker and Pwm. You can find it
at http://pyvon.sourceforge.net/

It features among others syntax hightlighting and auto completion. It had been a
lot of work to achieve that, and I had a feeling of reinventing the wheel !

In this new version ( written this time with the QT wrapper), I would like to
use the qscintilla library.

I downloaded the package from the river-bank site, saw the lexPOV.cpp, but
POV-RAY keywords are not included.

I started fiddling with the QextScintillaLexerLua.cpp and
QextScintillaLexerLua.h : I renamed it QextScintillaLexerLua.cpp and included
all the POV-RAY keywords. The building worked but the python script needs a
QextScintillaLexerPov file.

As I am not a C programmer, I am stuck there and wonder if someone was in the
process of writing this sip file or if there is the lua template somewhere.
Of course, I will happily give a hand with the 'keywords things' and send it for
someone to compile it.

Thanks for any help you could give.


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