[PyKDE] PyQtWiki there again; final report

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Mon Mar 21 07:55:26 GMT 2005

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Hello again,

some remarks on what happened.

Last Friday evening our web server had a hard disk crash. Although the other
(main) server admin could recover some data, the system crashed rather fast
after the first error messages in the logs appeared. Unfortunately, backups we
had made with another server in the same data center had been removed without
consideration with us, which left us with (up-to-date) configuration and a full
backup from last October. (In this case) fortunetaly, not that much has changed
in the PyQt wiki from that time, so not much is lost (two pages written by me,
ironically, are the only things I know of by now), maybe with some changes in
other files.

When I am back at home, I will try to update the wiki software to moinmoin 1.3.x
(the server is still running moinmoin 1.2.4, due to missing newer Debian
packages) and put some more content into the wiki. Did I mention that it is back
up again?

ACLs are not activated yet, since I'll do the more demanding configuration when
I updated the wiki software.

Again, I am very sorry for the confusion and the (possible) data loss

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