[PyKDE] Eric3 Usability Questions / Feedback

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Fri Mar 18 10:38:33 GMT 2005

> That could be done. Right now, directories don't have a context menu.
> Maybe, you can specify the entries, a context menu for directories should
> have in the various project browser.

I'll look into that, hopefully this weekend.

> You are right. I just checked the Qt documentation and that is, what it
> should do. Unfortunately, I cannot see a reason, why the toolbars aren't
> shown in the context menu. Maybe you spot something.

Hm. My own app doesn't make much use of toolbars so far, so I don't have 
expirience so far. But I'll see what happens to me if I try to extend my 

> The default file extension for the open dialog is determined by the
> extension of the current editor. That means, if the current editor is a
> Python file, *.py is selected, if it is an IDL file, *.idl is selected and
> so on.

Good to know .

> What do you mean by "outline view"?

The class/functions overview like in python-mode.



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