[PyKDE] Eric3 Usability Questions / Feedback

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Tue Mar 15 23:08:04 GMT 2005


> 1) In the Project Forms Browser show the context menu and select "New
> form...". This shows you a selection dialog with the most common form types
> to select from and opens Qt Designer.
> 2) Start Qt-Designer and save your form to its final destination in the
> project tree. Then select "Add form..." from the same context menu.

It would be cool if the first context menu action would ask for the filename 
(the destination is known by the context the context menu is created in :), 
create a template and then one would just need to save the file in the 

> Just open a new editor, enter your script and select the action "Save to
> project".

Better than I do so far (I create, save and then manually add) but what I 
would love is a python-file-view context menu that lets me create a new file 
in the directory/package dir I click on, enter a filename and then open the 
file in python mode. So far, I have to first save the file for once so I can 
have python syntax features.

> > > 3. Is there any way to remove some of the toolbars? I can undock them,
> > > but can't seem to get rid of them.
> You can't remove them, but you can hide them.  Just deselect the unwanted
> toolbars in the Window->Toolbars menu.

Ok, good to know. But "standard" is to have a context menu for that too, which 
I tried and it gives me "only" the views menu - a checkable toolbar list 
would be great!

> Most of the stuff you expect is probably somewhere in eric3. It's just a
> matter of finding the right place. Or as another user said, I should stop
> to underestimate eric3.

It is there, and so it should be no trouble making it available at some other 
places, with possibly some default value extracted from context - for 
example, the new python file could go to the package/dir where it was created 
from and so on.

Some other, so far unmetioned quirks: I often have to open files that are 
_not_ python files. By now, the open-dialog will always open with *py as 
default. I would love to see a feature where the file type would be 
determined from the current project browser tab. Certainly not so important 
for translation and idl files, but for python, ui and others this would be 
more important.

And and outline view of idl files would be great, too. As I have some syntax 
analysis background, I'd be glad to contribute that if you'd give me the 
right starting points - for example where to put it in the source, and which 
parser to use (I personally prefer spark, but if you already have something 
in use for other outlines, I'd stick with that)

I use eric increasingly for my python development and would love to see it 
grow in functionality as well as usability. So please take these remarks as 
suggestions to improve a even now great tool, not as nitpicking criticism.


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