[PyKDE] Re: clone member function deleting object

Paul F. Kunz Paul_Kunz at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Mar 15 14:24:53 GMT 2005

>>>>> On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 09:09:02 -0000 (GMT), "Phil Thompson" <phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk> said:

>>  I can't get to the sip documentation pages right now,
>> river-bank.demon.co.uk not responding.  I can see from Python that
>> sip.transfer takes two arguments.  What are they?

> It seems to be back now. 

   I managed to guess correctly what the arguments were before the
server came back up.   It works.

> If you want to do it in C++ instead then
> there is also sipTransfer().

   I'll keep that in mind, it would make it friendlier for the Python
function author.

> But then it sounds like it is being kept alive (and being leaked)
> because you are not explicitly disposing of the reference. 

   The C++ may eventually delete the object via the virtual

> What
> Python API call are you using to call clone()?

   No Python API.   The C++ code is doing "prototype -> clone()".

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