[PyKDE] PyQt-Mac errors and Eric3

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Wed Mar 9 22:49:25 GMT 2005

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I'm working on a new binary distro of PyQt-Mac, but I'm getting some
errors when I try to run a few different PyQt applications to test the

Versions: Qt 3.3.4, PyQt 3.14.1, Sip 4.2.1, QScintilla 1.5.1
OS: Mac OS X 10.3.8

When I try to install Eric3 3.6.2, I get this error:

Sorry, please install QScintilla and/or reinstall
PyQt with QScintilla support.
Error: Failure linking new module: libqscintilla.5.dylib: dyld: python
can't open library: libqscintilla.5.dylib  (No such file or directory,
errno = 2)

This is strange because I did in fact build and install QScintilla with
no apparent problems.

When I try to install Eric3.5.1, I get the same error.

When I simply run Eric 3.5.1 without installation, I get this error:

File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/eric3.py", line 118, in ?
~    main()
~  File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/eric3.py", line 104, in main
~    mw = UserInterface(loc, splash)
~  File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/UI/UserInterface.py", line
173, in __init__
~    self.viewmanager = ViewManager.factory(self.hSplitter, self, dbs)
~  File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/ViewManager/__init__.py",
line 47, in factory
~    vm = Tabview(parent, ui, dbs)
~  File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/ViewManager/Tabview.py",
line 152, in __init__
~    ViewManager.__init__(self, ui, dbs)
~  File
"/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-3.5.1/eric/ViewManager/ViewManager.py", line
68, in __init__
~    self.searchDlg = SearchReplaceDialog(0, self, ui)
~  File
line 29, in __init__
~    SearchReplaceForm.__init__(self,parent,name,modal,fl)
~  File
line 93, in __init__

TypeError: argument 1 of QSizePolicy() has an invalid type

I'm not sure what the problem is here either.

I don't believe the problem is with my build of PyQt or its components.
I was able to test the demos in the PyQt directory with no problem.

Apart from the error messages, which I'd appreciate help in
troubleshooting, I have two questions:

1. Any other Mac users seeing this problem with QScintilla? When I
queried on the Mac-Python dev list, one person suggested running
install_name_tool. My question there was somewhat vague, so I don't
think that's the solution.

2. How closely does Eric3 track PyQt development? Is a later version of
Eric3 unable to run on older versions of the PyQt libraries, and likely
to crash? I'm trying to find a good balance between stable PyQt
libraries and a usefully current version of Eric: the one I'm shipping
(3.4.2) seems pretty outdated.

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