[PyKDE] PyKDE-snapshot20050305 error

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Mar 8 17:35:12 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 05:48, tony wrote:
> Hi, this is the error i get trying to compile PyKDE snapshot20050305
> on Mandrake 10.0 with KDE 3.2.
> The PyQt, Python and sip versions i have installed are shown in the
> shell output.

> Generating the C++ source for the kdeui module...
> sip: sip/kdeui/kactioncollection.sip:107: A function with the same
> Python signature has already been defined
> Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

> I opened the kactioncollection.sip file and tried to compile without
> the lines 105, 106, 107 and 108
> %If (  - KDE_3_2_2 )
> //%If ( D_MANDRAKE )
> //    virtual QValueList<KAction*> actions (const QString&) const;
> //    virtual QValueList<KAction*> actions () const;
>  <---- line 107
> //%End
> %End
> After doing this, PyKDE compiled without problems and looks like it
> works. But i don't know if this will cause future problems. Anyway, i
> send this info to this mailing list because i thought it could be
> useful.

Could I ask you a big favor? If you have some time, modify configure.py to add 
the two print stmts shown:

def check_distribution ():
    dist = glob.glob ("/etc/*-release")
    print "dist =", dist # <<=== add this print stmt

(at original line 582 - probably 583 after adding the print above)
    argv.append(string.join(["sip", mname, mname + "mod.sip"], "/"))

#    print string.join (argv)  <<=== uncomment this line

and post the output of the print statements. You can create a temporary 
directory for PyKDE to test this and terminate configure.py after the kdeui 
code is created (where your error msg was above) - don't need to do a 
complete rebuild.

The D_MANDRAKE feature should be disabled (-x D_MANDRAKE should be in the 
string formed from argv) and should do effectively the same thing you did 
with '//'.



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