[PyKDE] Problem having .ui files compiled from eric3 (was Re: Compiling .ui files from eric3)

flupke flupke at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 7 22:29:25 GMT 2005

Detlev Offenbach wrote:

>Am Montag, 7. März 2005 19:43 schrieb flupke:
>>First of all thanks a lot for your work, I just installed eric3 this
>>afternoon and really like the look & feel.
>>I have a rather annoying problem : I can't find how to compile .ui files
>>from the IDE and have to do it manually from the command line with pyuic.
>>Is there a button somewhere that I missed ? Should it compile
>>automagically when launching the main script and I miss some external
>>utilities on my system ?
>>The versions I use :
>>Python 2.3.5
>>Qt 3.3.3
>>PyQt 3.13
>>QScintilla 1.3
>>Eric 3.6.2
>>Bicycle Repair Man CVS-20041120
>>On a debian testing system (installed eric3 and required libraries from
>>apt ; also tried eric-snapshot-20050227 with no more luck).
>When you are talking about compiling a .ui file you are probably talking about 
>a little project involving several files. Once you create an eric3 project 
>for your setup, the requested functionality is available in the project forms 
>browser. Even the automatic compilation feature is built into it. But all 
>this is related to a project.
Yes exactly, wrong title for my problem I guess ; I will try to be more 
clear ;)

So I made a small project, added two files to it : "main.py" creating a 
"Form" instance and "form.py" defining the "Form" class, subclassed from 
a "Formbase" class that I would like to be generated from a .ui file.

I then added "formbase.ui" file to the project, defining a form named 

Now I see the "formbase.ui" file in the form browser, but I don't see no 
compile option for it in the interface or its context menu, and when I 
launch the script hitting F2, the .ui file is not compiled to produce a 
.py file.
If I generate the .py "by hand" using pyuic, it works.

Hope it makes sense, thanks for your help !

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