[PyKDE] Compiling sip 4.1.1, PyQt 3.13, PyKDE 3.11.3 onSolaris8micro-Howto

Holger Joukl Holger.Joukl at LBBW.de
Mon Mar 7 12:48:08 GMT 2005

Giovanni wrote:
>The fact that "works for you" does not mean that it is a generic enough
>solution, and that will work also for other platforms. Accessing a
>are turned on. Thus, I expect your patched code to break under Linux where
>modern compilers are used.

It is not even s.th. you could call a patch, as I modify generated code..
I´d rather call it workaround, and it is a solution
to my "this-does-not-compile-on-solaris-right-now" problem - thus it might
for someone with the same problem on the same platform or else.
I know the reinterpret_cast is evil, but what´s *invalid* about it given
that I know that int is the same as long on my machine?
But this is obsolote now, either, thanks to Jim Bublitz.

>It appears to me that if the function KStartupInfoData::pids() is supposed
>to return a list of pid_t, the better way is to use a QValueList<pid_t>,
>whatever pid_t is typedef'd to.

I agree but must admit I have no clue about the typedef´ing capabilities
of sip/pyqt/pykde.
Best regards,

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