[PyKDE] PyKDE 4.0.0 and gcc295 (on older FreeBSD branch)

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Mon Mar 7 01:38:30 GMT 2005


I attempt to maintain the FreeBSD port to sip, py-qt, py-kde, and have just 
updated the former two to their .1 versions, currently checking if py-kde 
still builds (latest snapshot).

I have a few observations (small fixable things) and one problem (maybe a 

First, some of the examples/templates break, they need to be updated. For 
example the systray examples need something like KIcon.MainToolbar in its 
loadIcon () call, rather than 0 and it should import KIcon. The other one, 
which I didn't look into more closely is the qxembed stuff.

First-and-a-half, the templates/annotated don't seem to work, templates/basic. 
What's the idea of annotated vs basic? And related, should the templates be 
installed (I do so as a subdir of /usr/local/share/examples/py24-kde/ ATM).

Second (the problem), on FreeBSD 5.X (system compiler gcc-3.4) it only throws 
warnings like this:

/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h: In member function `void 
QPtrList<type>::deleteItem(void*) [with type = KIconThemeDir]':
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:114831:   instantiated from here
/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h:150: warning: possible problem detected in 
invocation of delete operator:
/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h:150: warning: invalid use of undefined type 
`struct KIconThemeDir'
../extra/kde332/kicontheme.h:23: warning: forward declaration of `struct 
/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h:150: note: neither the destructor nor the 
class-specific operator delete will be called, even if they are declared when 
the classis defined.

But on FreeBSD 4.X (system compiler gcc-2.95) I've been told it croaks like 

/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h: In method `void 
QPtrList<KIconThemeDir>::deleteItem(void *)':
/usr/include/g++/stl_map.h:76:   instantiated from here
/usr/X11R6/include/qptrlist.h:150: invalid use of undefined type `class 
../extra/kde332/kicontheme.h:23: forward declaration of `class KIconThemeDir'
*** Error code 1

Any idea how to solve this? It seems that the class KIconThemeDir shouldn't 
really be used (anymore?) but instead KIconTheme::dir() but it's declared in 
kicontheme.h. This is KDE 3.3.2. 



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