[PyKDE] ANN: PyQt v3.14.1, SIP v4.2.1, QScintilla v1.5.1 Released

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 19:19:53 GMT 2005

PyQt v3.14.1, SIP v4.2.1 and QScintilla v1.5.1 have been released. These are 
mainly minor bug fixes - there is no particular need to upgrade.

The details are...

- fixed QObject.queryList()
- the static QFileDialog methods now release the GIL
- fixed a configure.py problem with relative paths

- restored the pre-4.2 handling of Python exceptions in virtual 
re-implementations to that sys.excepthook is useful again
- %Timeline can now be used more than once in a module
- fixed a missing cast in a generated call to Python
- fixed a problem with handling QVariant signal arguments
- fixed a configure.py problem with relative paths

- up to date German translations


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