[PyKDE] Painting one cell of a table

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Sun Mar 6 02:17:43 GMT 2005


I'm trying to paint one cell in a table but the result is put on the wrong
place.  My code is:

		row = 2
		col = 2

		cg = QColorGroup()
		cg.setColor(QColorGroup.Base, Qt.red)

		cr = self.table1.cellGeometry(row, col)
		#cr = self.table1.cellRect(row, col)

		print cr.x(), cr.y()

		painter = QPainter(self.table1)

		self.table1.paintCell(painter, row, col, cr, False, cg)

If I use cellGeometry the print statement shows "200 40".  If I use cellRect
it shows "0 0".  It doesn't matter with which one, the red cell appears at
position 0, 0 and the table is drawn over it.  How can I make the red cell
appears at the row and col given?

I have already tried with QTableItem and the result is the same:

        currentItem = self.table1.item(row, col)
		currentItem.paint(painter, cg, cr, False)

This message talks about the same problem, but had no answer:

Thanks for any hints,

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