[PyKDE] Good news/Bad news

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Mar 4 20:24:20 GMT 2005

The bad news is I made a dumb mistake when regenerating PyKDE for KDE 3.4.0. 
In the project file, I set the previous version number equal to the new 
version number, so no new stuff showed up. It looked like an error in the way 
enums were versioned, so I set off debugging that, and found the dumb error.

It turns out about 15% of files have new methods (quite a few, even for a 
major release) and there are a number of new classes. (I had indicated 
previously there were almost no changes).

The good news is in two parts: first, there's a very small amount of code to 
be handwritten for new methods. Second, adding the ability to automate 
%Feature stuff in .sip files, which looked like a huge undertaking in some 
convoluted code, turns out to be amazingly simple - I already had most of the 
code in place to handle it, and just had to finish up a few things to make it 
work, and fixed another stupid bug in the process.

The end result is that I should have a new PyKDE release ready in a few days, 
including KDE 3.4.0 support. I'm testing it against 3.4.0rc1, but I don't 
expect any big changes in kdelibs between that and the final release. I 
expect to release a snapshot and allow a week or two for bugs to show up, and 
then a final release after that.


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