[PyKDE] pure virtual and operator ()

Paul F. Kunz Paul_Kunz at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 2 21:18:35 GMT 2005

   I'm trying to expose an abstract base class.   In my .sip file I

  virtual double operator()(double) const = 0;

>From sip command I get

sip -e -g -c . -I /usr/local/share/sip -I /usr/local/share/sip/qtcanvas -I ../../hippodraw/sip  \
-t Qt_3_3_0 -t WS_X11 ../../hippodraw/sip/sihippo.sip
sip: ../../hippodraw/sip/FunctionBase.sip:106: syntax error
make[2]: *** [sipsihippocmodule.h] Error 1

this is sip 4.1.1.

   Any suggestions?

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