[PyKDE] PyKDE Error

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Tue Mar 1 16:28:54 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 00:19, Marcelo Bovo wrote:
> Hi,
>     Sorry to bother you but I haven't found any clue about this on
> the docs. I've compiled and installed succesfully PyQT and Sip, but
> when I try to configure the PyKDE sources for compilation I get
> this error
>     "sip: sip/kdecore/kshortcutlist.sip:85: There is already an
> enum in scope with the same Python name"
>     Any hints/clues?

Sure, either downgrade sip to 4.1.1 or try the PyKDE snapshot..


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