[PyKDE] Latest PyKDE Snapshot

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Jun 30 12:24:22 BST 2005


what are the changes to last snapshot?

Anyway, the changelog is not updated, and it's hard to determine the 
changes at all...

can someone summarize the changes beginning from:
shermann at shermann-laptop:~/kde/pykde$ less 

2004/08/25 16:44:00 jim
Released 3.11.3; added post-processing for WId args
in KWinModule signals; fixed enum in khtml_part (for
KDE >= 3.3); updated version numbers



On Wednesday 29 June 2005 19:50, Phil Thompson wrote:
> Jim's latest PyKDE snapshot is now in the snapshot's directory.
> Phil
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St. Hermann

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