[PyKDE] KSystemTray issues

mbouchar mbouchar at bioinfo.ulaval.ca
Tue Jun 21 14:08:29 BST 2005

I don't know the standard way to set the icon, but I use a temporary fix.
I add some arguments to sys.argv before the call to KCmdLineArgs.init :

    # Adding some parameters to the application
    sys.argv.extend(['--icon', 'source_py', '--caption',
                     version.__description__ + ' v' + version.__version__])

We don't have an official icon for the application, so I use another icon
until we create the real thing.

Shahar Weiss wrote:

>Thank you, this way I was able to set the application's name, thanks a lot.
>Still I wasn't able to find a way of replacing the icon beside it. I looked at 
>KDE's reference regarding KAboutData which had a setProgramLogo() method. 
>This method however wasn't present in the python object.
>Can you please help me with that?
>Thanks again,

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