[PyKDE] Re: [Pyqt-mac-list] new eric just as crashy?

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Tue Jun 21 18:03:31 BST 2005

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Well, so much for that theory. I was able to get PyQt-Mac built against
Python 2.4.1, but Eric crashes just as often there. Segfaults when
trying to run a script and also when it's trying to extract a method. I
didn't test further, but it's pretty clear that it's fragile on the Mac.

Well, one can do PyQt development without Eric3 (just as one can do
wxPython development without Spe & wxGlade). Emacs + Terminal + Qt
Designer works for me. But Eric3 has a lot of nice features, especially
searching within files, that I like. I wish I were able to do more to
troubleshoot/diagnose the problem. If anyone has any
suggestions/ideas/patches, I will be happy to test them.


Kevin Walzer, PhD
WordTech Software--Open Source Applications and Packages for OS X
mailto:sw at wordtech-software.com

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
| Am Tuesday, 21. June 2005 05:03 schrieb Kevin Walzer:
|>I am wondering if the problem with Eric is not the package itself but
|>the fact that it's built against the Apple system Python (2.3.5)? I
|>noticed a big improvement in stability in my wxPython packages when I
|>moved to Python 2.4.1. However, for various reasons, I've not been able
|>to get a clean build of PyQt against Python 2.4.1. I
| You didn't? I had no troubles at all - using OSX 10.3.9 and python
2.4.1. I
| had a previous install of a package for python 2.3 on my machine, that
| contained the qt binaries - but that was it.
| Now I didn't try and made eric run with it - how to do so?
| Diez
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