[PyKDE] pyqt SQL

Martin Raivio murdochrav at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 8 15:28:36 BST 2005

I have been sratching my wooden head trying to figure
out the QSqlPropertyMap() in pyqt. Any how I tried
your examples for pyqt
sqlcustom1.py , sqlsubclass5.py, sqltable4.py in
examples3/SQL of pyqt by
leaving put all 'self.propMap = QSqlPropertyMap()'
etc. lines. Without any
QSqlPropertyMap() stuff these examples work exactly
just as well, without as
with!! I have to conclude that at least for pyqt   
QSqlPropertyMap() does
exactly NOTHING !!! 

If I am wrong please tell me . Thank you .

Martin M. Raivio murdochrav at yahoo.ca

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