[PyKDE] Wrapped classes without constructor

Denis S. Otkidach ods at strana.ru
Tue Jun 7 15:04:38 BST 2005

I have several classes which shouldn't be initialized by user.  Neither
/Abstract/, nor declaring constructor private helps, since in both 
cases generated class doesn't have destructor, which in my case is
mandatory.  I use the following code to clear constructor:

    sipType_MyClass.td_init = 0;

Is there a better way I've missed?

Another problem with this class is that I don't like it to be exposed in
module namespace.  It's easy to remove it from module dictionary in
%PostInitialisationCode section, but I wonder if there is a way to avoid
its inclusion?

Denis S. Otkidach
http://www.python.ru/      [ru]

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