[PyKDE] Scalar types in KConfigSkeleton

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Sun Jun 5 09:00:41 BST 2005

Hi Andrey,

Am Sunday 05 June 2005 09:14 schrieb Andrey Golovizin:
> Hi! I'm currently trying to use KConfigSkeleton from PyKDE. After
> some (unsuccessful) attempts to use bool and int items I did some
> googling and found the following thread:
> http://mats.imk.fraunhofer.de/pipermail/pykde/2004-September/008461.h
> Is this bug going to be fixed? The proposed patches seem to work,
> although some problems still remain.

this bug could be fixed, if upstream added those patches.
you will find the actual patches for python-kde3 on 

I created some patches (which I found on the web and in the archives) 
for the ubuntu packages.
You can find them on 

or if u try to compile python-kde3 with gcc4 you also find a complete 
list of patches here:


Right now, the ubuntu packages for the upcoming release breezy  badger 
are compiling on the buildd and amd64, ppc and i386 are successfully 
compiled. so ia64 will be compiled as well :)

Stephan Hermann
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