[PyKDE] Re: Can I use QString as key in Python dictionary?

Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Thu Jun 2 14:47:38 BST 2005

Gerard Vermeulen wrote:
> A Python string is immutable and a QString is mutable.
> You'll may get undefined behaviour if you change a QString key while
> manipulating a dictionary containing that QString key.

Thanks a lot, the end of mystery. So I will probably stay with my
subclassing dict:

class NoteDict(dict):
    def __init__(self):

    def __getitem__(self,y):
        key = unicode(y)
        return dict.__getitem__(self,key)

    def __setitem__(self,i,y):
        key = unicode(i)

    def __delitem__(self,y):
        key = unicode(y)

Is there any better way how to do it?


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