[PyKDE] PythonQt for Windows

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Fri Apr 29 12:22:45 BST 2005

> I have compiled qt,sip,qscintilla and pyqt with mingw. I have used a
> standard python-2.4.1.msi downloaded from python.org 

You did use a standard python and did not build it yourself? Hrmph. I was 
under the impression that I needed to do that  - but I had troubles with a to 
recent mingw version too, so maybe that caused trouble that in the end made 
me believe that I had to compile all myself.

I think I go and start using your package :)

> so I think you 
> should have no problem adding win32 (is that the one from mr. Hammond?)
> to this. If that is working maybe you can give me a URL so I can add
> that installation to this collection/build.

Yes, m hammonds. It should be this link:


If you include that too it would be great - after all, AFAIK activestate's 
python distribution also does exactly that - coding under windows makes it a 
sort of a obligatory extension. 



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