[PyKDE] Re: Speeding up PyKDE small app

Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Thu Apr 28 13:31:48 BST 2005

Jim Bublitz wrote:
> It's a PyQt app - if it were a PyKDE app it would probably load even
> slower :(

Yeah, that's correct. :-)

> Short of doing something like preloading the dialog (and perhaps keeping
> it hidden) I don't think coding is going to speed up the load time very
> much.
> You could look at doing something in Python/Tcl - I'm not sure if that's
> much faster, as I suspect some of the load time is due to Python itself
> starting up and loading modules.

OK, thanks for this -- it is really helpful. BTW, do you think that kjscmd,
could be better in this regards (as it hopefully is closer to KDE and thus
requires less initiative on the part of kjscmd -- contrary to number of
PyQt/PyKDE which needs to be downloaded -- to make things work)?



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