[PyKDE] Speeding up PyKDE small app

Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Thu Apr 28 01:26:37 BST 2005

I am very much newbie in Qt/KDE programming, but I needed for a vim-script I
work on slightly more complicated than what I could get with vim-script or
with kdialog. After not getting any answer for my (probably quite naive)
question how to do it in PyKDE, I gave up, downloaded Qt-designer, learned
a little bit about PyQt and created the attached script. It is basically
what I want, but there is only one problem. It is very slow, waiting for
the dialog for couple of seconds is just not acceptable (I have here
Pentium III, 450 MHz, with 256 MB RAM). Of course, translation of the
script into C++ and compilation would help, but I cannot (and will not)
learn C++ to do it, and I would love to keep whole system maintainable for

Could anybody help me to find, whether I am doing so stupid, that it makes
whole script slow, or just PyKDE is not good for this kind of scripts and I
should try something else? What?

        Thanks for any reply,


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