[PyKDE] SIP can generate code with duplicates for the default (any?) constructor

Gerard Vermeulen gerard.vermeulen at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Fri Apr 22 23:14:01 BST 2005

Hi Phil,

A SIP specification file like

class Klass
	// The following constructor is part of the C++ interface.
	// I want to add a constructor which takes a Numerical Python
	// array.  There is no equivalent in C++.
	Klass(SIP_PYOBJECT) [()];
		sipCpp = new sipKlass();
		// set the data in Klass to that of the NumPy array.

makes SIP duplicate the code for sipKlass() in the .h and .cpp file.
After removing the duplications by hand, the code compiles and runs


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