[PyKDE] weird PyQt bug: memory corruption?

Ümit Öztosun umit.oztosun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 19:37:42 BST 2005

> Can anybody reproduce this? Phil, do you have any idea about what might be
> causing this?
> What happens in my full application is an AttributeError while trying to
> call QScrollView.viewport().setBackgroundMode, because the name does not
> exit (the object is a QObject instead of a QWidget).


Although I am unable to reproduce the problem, a while ago I had
similar problems. I was getting AttributeErrors in a QTable derived
custom widget. For example code similar to:

self.verticalHeader().setResizeEnabled(False, 0)

in that QTable derived widget sometimes failed with AttributeErrors.
When I examined self.verticalHeader(), I found that it was a QObject
instead of QHeader. However, this occurred rarely, and dissappeared
after I changed the way I use queryList().

Prior to PyQt 3.14.1 (including PyQt 3.14) this problem never
occurred. I observed it only in PyQt 3.14.1 and later snapshots.
Although I tried, I couldn't produce a sample script which
demonstrates the problem.

I am on a Linux Debian Testing system, with PyQt 3.14.1, SIP 4.2.1 and Qt 3.3.3.

Umit Oztosun

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