[PyKDE] Re: Tabs in QListBoxText

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Fri Apr 15 16:08:42 BST 2005

Jeffrey Barish <jeff_barish at earthlink.net> wrote:

>>> I have a statement:
>>> QListBoxText(clb, '%s:\t%s' % (key, thing[key]))
>>> The tab does not appear (it's a space).  Do I have to set tab stops,
>>> or is there no way to use tabs in listboxes?
>>> What I really want is for the keys and things to line up vertically.
>>> A QListView could do that with 2 columns, but I don't want the column
>>> headers.  Any suggestions appreciated.
>> Ah well, even easier, QListView.header().hide().
> YES!
> The function hide() does not appear in the documentation for 2.3.2, but
> it apparently does exist.

Not sure about 2.3.2, but in Qt 3.x hide() is inherited from QWidget.hide
(since QHeader is a QWidget).

BTW, I believe this kind of questions are better answered in the qt-interest
mailing list.
Giovanni Bajo

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