[PyKDE] QPEApplication complains about ZCS file

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 9 00:39:26 BST 2005

I started using QPEApplication rather than QApplication to integrate my
application in Qtopia.  The first problem that I had was a complaint
that there was no libsl.qmid file.  I figured out that this file is
related to internationalization.  I created a trivial .pro file and ran
pylupdate on it to produce an empty .ts.  Then I ran lrelease on
the .ts to produce a .qm.  I renamed it libsl.qmid and put it in the
right place.  The complaint disappeared.  However, in its place, I am
now getting the complaint "it seems this file is not ZCS file."  This
one has me stumped as I can find no reference to ZCS files in the
Qt-interest mailing list, this group, or a blanket Google search.  Any
Jeffrey Barish

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