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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
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Juan Fernando Estrada Henao schrieb:
> this is my solution.
> setattr(self.lineEdit1,"keyPressEvent",self.lineEdit_KeyPress)

You don't need the setattr (although it's not wrong),

self.lineEdit1.keyPressEvent = self.lineEdit_KeyPress

is fully sufficient.

>>how to i do the implementation keypressevent of a qdateedit make in
>>qtdesigner and converted with pyuic?.
> Hello Juan,
> by outsmarting pyuic.
> 1. Create a Python file and subclass QDateEdit to your needs (let's call the
> file foodate.py and the subimpl FooDateEdit)
> 2. In Designer, open the form settings dialog and write
> Python:from foodate import FooDateEdit as QDateEdit
> 3. Recreate the UI.

BTW, to all: I'm going to put sth. like that into the Python pyuic in a more
sanitized way, so that you can specify that you want all QWhatEver widgets to be
of type YourVerySpecialWhatEver.

> Neither did I test this, nor did I ever do such a thing, but it should work
> IMHO. If it doesn't, just keep complaining!
> The dark side approach would be overwriting the keyPressEvent with another
> method in your widget's __init__ method. To get the taste of it, just look here:
> http://www.diotavelli.net/PyQtWiki/DragAndDropWithPytQt
> and adapt the code to your needs.

best regards


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