[PyKDE] SIP with debug Qt

James Emerton james at emdata.net
Fri Apr 1 23:49:21 BST 2005

In the interest of not having two different Qt source trees, I 
perpetrate small hack that creates qt-mtNNNd.dll as the debug version.  
(I do this by building normally to get a release build, then rerunning 
configure with -debug -lean -no-qmake and manually tweaking TARGET in 
the generated Makefile.)  This approach has worked wonderfully for me.

Problem is, sipconfig is not aware of my creative renaming.  All my 
generated wrappers were linking to the non-debug qt.  (This causes an 
app compiled with -MDd to have a different heap, and bad things 

So I've hacked sipconfig to link to the correct library, but I can't 
really share this because currently it would break anywhere someone 
hasn't built Qt this way.  The strange thing is, I didn't have to do 
this to PyQt itself.  qt_d.pyd correctly links to qt-mt334d.dll!  I 
couldn't find this magic in the PyQt sources -- but I don't know where 
to look and I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on it yet.

Is it possible to add this capability to sipconfig?


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