[PyKDE] problem updating pixmap draw

gianlum gianlum at email.it
Thu Oct 28 13:31:54 BST 2004


I am developing an application that need to draw some lines (NACA profiles in 
fact) using pyqt and qt-designer.

I begin using a PixmapLabel for the drawing area, now (after some research on 
google) i use a frame.

As I find in the documentation, to draw my polyline I implemented the 
paintEvent method and this is ok.
The problem is when I resize the window or the program goes under another 
In the first case, i try to implement also the resizeEvent but the result is 
that I have a flickering update and sometimes after a resize I don't see 
nothing. In the second case the PixmapLabel and also the frame where not 
repainted when the application get the focus,  since the paintEvent where not 
called. What signal I must intercept  ? Any suggetion ?

thanks in advance.

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