[PyKDE] Eric 3.5 crashes on Qt/Mac when saving files

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Wed Oct 27 19:04:27 BST 2004

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I did apply the patch, but I already had a build of Qt/Mac installed and
didn't rebuild it. Could this be causing some weirdness? (QScintilla,
Sip and PyQt are built against the patched qt_mac.h file but Qt itself

Would I just need to rebuild Qt/Mac or rebuild everything?

Willard Myers wrote:

| On 2004 Oct 27, at 13:49, Kevin Walzer wrote:
|> I've gone through the long process of installing Qt/Mac and
|> PyQt/Sip/QScintilla because I wanted to give Eric3 a try. I've gotten
|> everything succesfully built, and Eric3 launches fine, but it crashes
|> whenever I try to save a file. This happens with the new 3.5 version;
|> the older 3.4 version doesn't seem to have the same problem. So I'm not
|> sure if this is a bug in Eric or a problem with my installation/builds.
|> Anyone else encounter this? I'm thinking about putting together a pkg
|> installer of Qt and PyQt, and an app bundle of Eric3, but I'm not
|> comfortable doing this if Eric3 can't save files.
|> I've already queried the Eric3 developer, and as he doesn't have a Mac,
|> he directed me to this list.
| I'm guessing that you failed to apply the necessary patch to qt_mac.h,
| as described in README.MacOS included with the qscintilla distribution.
|   Bill

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