[PyKDE] Help with simple clipboard examples

Sundance sundance at ierne.eu.org
Wed Oct 27 17:47:31 BST 2004

I heard Stephen Boulet said:

> I'd like to get and set the X-window clipboard for some short
> scripts, but I'm not doing it quite right. Can someone help me along?

Okay, it seems to work here (I just did the imports outside the function 
calls, since doing it inside functions is -bad- practice). What is your 
problem exactly?

Also, I discovered that the QClipboard.setText() call freezes Klipper, 
which in turns 'freezes' X (mouse and keyboard events are not 
processed); I have to switch to a console and kill Klipper. Does 
anybody have any idea what's up?

-- S.

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