[PyKDE] PyKDE: Can't connect to signal

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever at tin.it
Wed Oct 27 09:48:22 BST 2004


First of all, this should not be a problem with WIds because I am 
connecting to signals like activeWindowChanged(WId) without problems.

With PyKDE 3.11.3 (hand compiled) and kde 3.2.3 from Mandrake 10.1, I am 
trying to connect to the signal

  void KWinModule::windowChanged ( WId id, const unsigned long * 

or at least the deprecated

  void KWinModule::windowChanged (WId id, unsigned int properties)

I have tried to connect with

 SIGNAL("windowChanged(WId, unsigned long)")

 SIGNAL("windowChanged(WId, const unsigned long*)")

 SIGNAL("windowChanged(WId, unsigned int)")

with no success (RuntimeError: Signal has wrong argument types for slot)

What's happening? Thanks for any help,

Maurizio Colucci

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