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jul vienne.julien at free.fr
Tue Oct 26 06:57:02 BST 2004

Hi miroslav,
What a great idea!
I personaly translated eric into french a few months ago, and before you
start, you must be aware there is nearly 4000 strings to translate and
it is a quite long job. I personaly did the translation during my lost
hours and it took about 5 months (actually, I'm certainly not the
Now you are aware about that, I hope you won't be discouraged.

Here is an empty translation file generated from the last
eric3-snapshot20041023 (compressed).
This xml file has the ".ts" extension and  can be translated with
QtLinguist tool (just type "linguist"  in your shell, or click on the
fish icon in eric3)
Open the ts file in linguist and do your (long) job.
When you finished, you can choose "Release..." in the File menu. This
will generate a ".qm" file which can be imported into eric3. For that,
you just will have to move your "eric3_sk.qm" into eric directory.

Good luck!

destin wrote:

> hii,
> i would like to translate eric to slovak language.
> could someone help me?
> Don't know how to generate .qm and install translation.
> Thanx for help.
> miroslav
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