[PyKDE] Eric: undinding Ctrl-U?

Nicola Larosa nico at teknico.net
Sun Oct 24 14:25:21 BST 2004

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>> Well, that's peculiar, I forgot to mention that I tried that tack, but
>> clearing the Ctrl-U combo from the "Unindent" command did not revert it to
>> the "Lowercase" function. It would be nice to have entries for the
>> "Uppercase" and "Lowercase" function in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog,
>> being then able to assign whatever shortcuts are needed.

> They are there with their official QScintilla names "Convert selection to 
> uppercase/lowercase".

Oh, drats. And obviously they're both already bound to a shortcut. Looking 
closer, I see that you probably exposed all the undelying functions in the 
ScITE engine, and most of them already have a shortcut. Silly me. I 

>> By the way, what's the difference between the "Indent"/"Unindent" and the
>> "Indent one level"/"Unindent one level" functions? They seem to perform the
>> same actions.

> Good point. I just realized this myself and will check it. I did this part a 
> long time ago.

Well, at least this hasn't been a complete waste of your time. :-) I cannot 
seem to find a way to expose whitespace, though... OK, I'll shut up now. ;-)

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