[PyKDE] Eric: undinding Ctrl-U?

Nicola Larosa nico at teknico.net
Sat Oct 23 19:08:29 BST 2004

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The "official" key combos used to indent and unindent a line or block in Eric 
are Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U.

The underlying ScITE engine binds Ctrl-U to lowercase and Shift-Ctrl-U to 
uppercase transforms: therefore, while the latter is still accessible, the 
former is not anymore in Eric. Such transforms are often valuable, as when 
working with languages like SQL.

At the same time, most other editors use Tab and Shift-Tab to indent/unindent 
code, and they also work in Eric already; by the way, Ctrl-I is treated the 
same as the Tab key in most systems.

Is there any drawback to freeing the Ctrl-U binding and recover its use for 
lowercase transforms, leaving the already working Tab and Shift-Tab to 
indent/unindent code in Eric? I realize that key bindings are often close to 
one's heart, and not an easy subject to discuss; nonetheless, this looks like 
one of those cases of all gain and very little loss.

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