[PyKDE] Creating project linked to subversion has problems

Parzival Herzog parzp at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 20 19:58:26 BST 2004

I tried to create a new project, and I accepted the ofter to link it to 
subversion. After dismissing the set VCS options dialog,
eric had some sort of problem, and printed a traceback in the stderr window.

(Ahem, I'd really like to be able to COPY that traceback from the window, but 
that doesn't work. :-() so here is a rough idea:

line 139 newPoject
line 1283 opeProject
line 1410 closeProject
line 559 writeSession
line 83 writeXML
line 1274 getProjectBreakpoints
TypeError: iteration over non-sequence

At this point some parts of the UI are frozen (like widening the stderr 
window), some parts, like menus and scrolling the stderr window, and 
the wait cursor is on.

Any attempt to exit from eric causes another exception dump, and eric will not 
exit. So I have to kill its process to get out.

Parzival Herzog

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